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I should start carrying sign :) Today at my first aid training, I had a RN, BSN, w/ 15 years experience sitting with me. She asked if I had a specific interest yet. (I start school 9/18) So I told her I'd love to work in geriatrics/LTC, but I'm keeping my mind open. Her response? "Oh no it isn't. You don't want to work there. You'll never use your nursing skills." :( I ALWAYS get this response. Always! I bet no one says that to a student who says they want to work in L&D or ER or another highly sought after position. *sigh*

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You won't lose all your skills in LTC... You will learn to use ALL of your nursing skills, and you will learn how to do that VERY quickly. The nurses that I know in LTC are truly amazing - they can spot changes in their residents in a flash, and do everything it takes to see that the residents are well and safely cared for, and that in the middle of the daily chaos of so many things to do with so little time. Follow your heart's desires to be happy in your work..


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