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Hello to everyone! I found this site is very helpful and a thank you guys for giving good advises. I need one now. I have just graduated from community college with A.A.S degree in Nursing in state IL. I am on H4 visa and do not have a SSN number. I looked online and it said that even if I don't hold a valid SSN number I am still eligible to take NCLEX-RN exam. I believe that if I pass an exam they will not issue the license to me until I show a valid SSN (which I do not know when I would have, it depends on my husband employer, may be in two or three years, or may be never if the company will lay off my husband). I have read that many people use state Vermont to solve this problem. So I wonder what I should do: should I take NCLEX in state IL and then transfer the results to Vermont in order to have a hard copy of license, or should I directly apply for NCLEX test for Vermont (the problem is that I don't want to travel to Vermont to take an exam there)?

And there is one thing I don't understand. If I would like to transfer my result to Vermont should I apply as an international nurse ( though I don't think it is applicable to me since I graduated in USA) or as a local nurse (but I don't have SSN to be qualify as a local transfer).

Sorry if it is too lengthy.

Thank you again for any advices.

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As far as I am aware IL will not destroy your file if you do not provide them with a SSN I think only California does that. Therefore until you are nearer getting a work/immigrant visa allowing you to work I wouldn't worry too much about meeting Vermont requirements or moving from IL. There are several states that now will not issue a license without a SSN

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