PLEASE HELP. What else can I do to pass my last class and graduate?


I am in my last semester of nursing school, its been a tough journey, but an interesting one, because I feel my life mission is to become a nurse. I am great in clinical rotations, to the point my preceptor was impressed and the manager offered me a job for when I graduate. 

I love learning about nursing, but there is so much information and little time, I struggle letting go of not studying the way I was used to (pre-requisites, when there were less topics and much more available time). My first semester was a little bit of a struggle because I tend to get too many resources and want to know everything about everything, I can easily study 8+ hours with no breaks. As semesters progressed, I have gotten better at narrowing my resources to mostly Simple Nursing, Register RN, and Cathy Parks to help me simplify some topics I might be confused from the book. 

Time management during this last semester, with capstone, job search, presentations, etc, has gotten busier than the past semesters. 

For the first exam of this Med-Surg class I did some practice questions, re-read my notes, read the book, and did practice questions I took 1.5 weeks to study, but I failed by 3 points. I go to the weekly reviews we have at the end of class, I never miss a single class, and always sit upfront and peel my eyes and ears to focus during class. My friend had only 1 day to study, so she watched YouTube videos on the topics and she passed the exam. 

I met with the professor, asked for suggestions on study techniques. I was thankful that I was able to get my adhd medication and began to study ahead of time for the 2nd exam. I read the book, re-read my notes, used flashcards, summarized my notes, watched some of the YouTube videos that help nursing students, did over 300 Lippincott book questions (I was getting most of them right). The last 3 days prior to the exam I joined a study group, where I was even teaching some topics, we did Lippincott questions and I was the one answering most and being able to analyze them correctly. I was confident I knew the material, the day before the exam I practiced more questions, did my last review of the material, and made sure to go to bed by 9pm. I was relaxed through my studying and when I went to school the next morning to take the exam. As I began the exam I was reading the questions carefully to understand them correctly, I timed myself, but sadly spent too much time on questions that I did not understand. I was running out of time, so I began to random click, as we can't leave unanswered questions. I was so sad, but hoped for a miracle, but then got my grade, which was lower than my first grade. I have never failed 2 consecutive exams, it has definitely shaken my confidence. The friends I helped passed the exam.

In 3 - 4 weeks I have the cumulative final exam and the exit exam, and I am so scared to fail again and be kicked out of the program in my last semester. I don't know what else to do to assure my success in this class. Having the ability to explain the material to others made me believe I was capable of getting good grades in this class. I don't understand why I get such low grades when the people I help get much better grades than me. 

At the moment I have the option of dropping out of the semester or taking the final and the exit HESI. I don't want to quit, could you guys please give me suggestions on how to study or how to be a better test taker to pass these exams?


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Was there a pattern of concepts that you missed? If you know what topics are going to be covered try to study in advance (weeks), but don't limit yourself to just 3 resources, find whatever resources you can to get a good understanding of the topic.  Job searches and all extras can wait until you are finished if it will cost you the semester, even if you're the last to get a job. You did good by doing test questions before the tests, are you listening to recorded lessons if your school does that, even in your car? I would go over why I did not understand the questions because that format may end up on your next test. Usually the same concept will end up on the next test. The professors know what you don't understand.