Please help.What can I do with an Ordinary Healthcare Studies Degree ?

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I had health problems and had to take time out of nursing course.

I could not finish the final repeat exams successfully. I am now qualifying with an Ordinary Degree in Health studies .

I am wondering if anyone knows what I can do with this ? As far as Im aware i cant progress with nursing with this qualification.

I would be grateful for replies.

Thanks for reading.

In the US, such a degree is only good to show that you completed a degree. For the most part. Health science is a good major once you get a Masters degree in public health, but the bachelor's degree is not much use. At my old school, nursing students frequently switched majors to health science when they could not finish the nursing degree.

thanks for that reply.

However I am not from US. Im from Europe and I think its a similar system to UK here.

I just havnt a clue how to progress .

Attempt to gain admission to another nursing program. Perhaps you can get better advice from a nursing forum based in Europe. We don't get much input from our European friends here.

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