PLEASE help with Teas scores


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Please help me! My scores are as follows. I have applied at a community college, who from what I was told looks at only teas. We needed 70%overall and 82% reading. Tie breakers (if they had more students apply than seats) would be, science, math and English sub tests, and if still needed A&P 1 and 2 GPA. ( which I got B in 1 and A in 2), if it is still needed they look at earlier medical work (ie. C.N.A, C.M.A, phlebotomy). I have phlebotomy. So what do you guys think my chances are of getting in. They take 35-45 students each fall. around 150 applied.:confused:

Adjusted individual total score: 80.0%

National mean: 72.8%

Program mean: 74.0%

National percentile rank: 75

Program percentile rank: 73

Reading: 90%

Math: 80.0%

Science: 70.0%



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I would say your chances are very good. You got an excellent reading score and youre overall is good, as well. Can you retake the exam? You could study and retake it now that you know what to expect, just to make yourself feel better. But really, I don't think it's necessary! Good job!


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We can only take them once per year. I should know by Easter if I get in, but that seems like forever


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only 150 people applied damn lol. i wish i can find a school like that. Im more than likely competing w/ 1000 applicants for 60 spots.

and i would say u have a chance but i dont know the breakdown of how your school gives points.