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Please help!

I'm having trouble figuring this out...could anyone help??

Doctors order: cleocin oral suspension 600 MG po qid. Directions for mixing: add 100 ml of water and shake vigorously. Each 2.5 ml will contain 100 MG of cleocin. How many tsp of cleocin will you administer?


Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education.

Welcome to AN! When asking for homework help, we do ask that you show what work you've done so far. Have you tried to set up the problem? What do you think needs to be the first step?


Thanks for responding. I was trying get to use the ordered over have times the volume but that doesn't seem to be making sense. I'm really stuck

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education.

That's because you're solving only one part of the problem. This not only involves calculating a dose but also converting units of measure. So, what have you set up and calculated so far?

Also, just a side note: as a nursing student, you cannot use the word "nurse" as part of your username without a qualifying "to be" "future" or something similar- it's against the terms of service and actually a protected title in some states.

D/H x Q

Thats the formula you need.

D = what did the doctor order?

H = what do you have on hand?

Q = How many ml is in the container you have?

Example: Dr P orders Tylenol 800mg PO Q6* prn for pain. Pharmacy sends up a vial stating there is 400mg/ml in the vial. How many ml do you give?

D/H x Q = 800mg/400mg x 1ml = 2ml

So, using the above, what is the answer to your question? Be careful not to get side tracked by information not needed for the question.


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