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First thing, thank you for your time to read my thread.

The questions might be stupid...but they are important for me to avoid a big mistake.

Why I cannot tough the plunger of a syringe?

What if I touch the pluger when I draw the med?

I did touch the pluger today when I did draw a med from a vial. The reason I did that because I think the plunger won't be used again after I give the med. Also, when I give the med, I think the plunger won't touch med.

The last but not least question is how to make sure I can get the exact reading when I draw the mixed insulin from a vial (I cannot push the mixed insulin back)? My reading was almost exact, but I still used my whole hand to try to get the exact reading by carefully pulling the plunger...and my palm touched the plunger...

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I am not sure I completely understand your question, but if you touch it, then pull back a second time, the plunger is no longer sterile and may contaminate the inside of the syringe.

Many nurses insert the needle into the vial, then pull back on the plunger and insert air into the vial. That way the air helps "push" the liquid into the syringe. This makes it easier to see the liquid and any air bubbles. As a diabetic I do not do that method because I do not want to draw up any air.

You might have your vision checked if this problem persists.

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