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Please Help! Seeking New Nurse With 2 Years Experience or Less

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Hello!!! I am desperately in need of some nurses to help me out with an assignment I have to complete for my BSN program. I was tasked with interviewing a new nurse who has only been a nurse for 2 YEARS OR LESS. The focus is on the socialization experience of the new nurse.

If you could please take the time and answer the nine questions I have listed below, this would greatly assist me with completing the assignment. Your responses can be as brief or detailed as you like, but a couple sentences should do.

Thank you all SO much in advance for any help you could provide!!!!!

1. What is your first name?

2. How long have you worked as a nurse?

3. What specialty/unit do you work in? Have you worked in?

4. What were your first few weeks/months of orientation into the nursing field like?

5. How long did it take you to feel like a confident/competent” nurse?

6.What was your first day after orientation like being on your own” (ex: no longer with a preceptor)?

7. Did your expectations of what your first nursing job would be like match the reality of it? How so?

8. How would you describe the real world of nursing to be different from and/or similar to the experience of nursing school?

9. Where would you consider yourself to be in your nursing career now?

Choose one: Novice, Advanced beginner, Competent practitioner, Proficient practitioner, Expert practitioner

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