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I recently became a CNA and I need some advice from CNA's about something. Before my becoming a CNA ALL of my job experience has been in manufacturing, etc. that has NOTHING to do with anything in the medical field. I have a resume, but again, everything is non-medical related. When looking for a job should I include a resume at all since I have 0 med. experience or should I include it anyways? This is the first time I have tried to get a job that was not related to previous work experiece. Thank you very much.


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Yes, you should include all of your past experiences on your resume. Even if the job is not related to where you are in your life now it is still part of what has lead you to this point. I am starting my 3rd career, finally nursing, and am working my first job as a State tested Nurse Aide (the terminology in our state). Employers will want to know what your prior work ethics have been, how long you are employed with a company, and probably will want to contact previous employers for references.

Hope the insight helps.

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I'd suggest you include only your last 10-15 years of work history. Try to bring out those aspects of your jobs that are most transferable to the health care industry.

Believe you'll do real well. Outsiders can bring so many fresh ideas / approaches. And if you're a little older, think that'll be a big plus for you too.

Let us know how it goes.

Good luck!


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I'm in the same boat. Will be licensed NA soon with no experience. When I create my resume, I plan to emphasize the people skills and communication skills I used in my previous jobs.

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