Please help. Post graduate trying to get RN after 1 year



I graduated last spring with a BSN; however, I have yet to get the green-light from virtual ATI in order to take the NCLEX. For the past year I have had family issues that have recently been resolved as well as recently moving into an apartment for the first time. I have been working on it slowly over the past year and I have the final 2 sections to complete before the final test. I thought that I could go for my NCLEX at any time as long as I have my BSN; however, I have just learned that my state has changed their law this year where students who have not taken the state boards within a year of their education will not be permitted to take them. I am also terrified because i feel that I have been out of the loop for so long that I will not be able to catch up or refresh myself with nursing material. Has anyone been through a similar situation or is anyone familiar with PA law enough to let me know how this new law works. If so, any advse would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to get your information from a reliable source -- check with the Board of Nursing to learn about their requirements. They probably have information on their website. They probably have some sort of instructions or summary of what a person in your position needs to do to become eligible for taking the test. I would start there.

If you actually want legal advice about the interpretation of the law and/or any legal options you have to challenge it ... then you should talk to an attorney.

Good luck!

From their board of nursing website "Amongst the revisions, the new regulation requires that:

Candidates for licensure take the licensure examination for the first time within one year of completing their nursing education programs. Express permission must be granted by the Board for candidates to take the examination for the first time after the one-year period. Candidates will first be required to demonstrate that they were prevented from taking the examination by emergency, illness, military service, licensure in another state, or other good cause shown."

That being said - you should check out the requirements for license by endorsement.. See if it would be possible to get your license in another state and then endorse into PA.

Best of luck.