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Hi all ,

I'm kinda new to this forum but have been reading and learning alot from all you guys.

I've been working in ICU for 8 years now mostly in the uk but also 2 years in the US, a year in East Africa and now in Canada. I really want to sit for my CCRN board exams.

I was wondering does anyone know of an online review course which helps you prepare for the exams. I am licensed in New York state so would most likley be doing the CCRN boards there.

Thank in advance for all your help. :)


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I didn't take a review course, just reviewed a study guide (not the book called Pass CCRN!) and did a few practice exams. Just like the NCLEX, it doesn't make any difference which state you take the exam in, it is all the same. Good luck!

Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's study tapes are useful, comprehensive, and hilarious.

sharann, BSN, RN

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Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's study tapes are useful, comprehensive, and hilarious.

I can second that Marc! Helped me tremendously to pass my CPAN exam


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hi everyone,

just wanted to thank everyone for their advice.:) i've decided to buy the laura gasparis vonfrolio book but not the tapes. from what you guys are saying they sound great it's just that a friend of mine gave me some of her video tapes which she got from the aacn. they are in lecture form and take some effort to concerntrate on but they are a great in guiding me (they're also free).

i'm aiming to take the exams in august so wish me luck guys.



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I know this thread is old, but Winona State University offers a fully online CCRN and PCCN review course. It can even be taken for undergraduate nursing credit.

Call 507.457.5080 or go here

Full disclosure: I work at Winona State.


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These online review prep courses are still offered at Winona State but there is a new link to the CCRN PCCN and CEN classes.

The PCCN and CCRN can still be taken for 30 CNEs and/or 2 undergraduate nursing credits. Nurses have the entire semester to complete the class, but may go at their own pace. Lots of people go through all of the modules once, do some test practice questions, then go back and focus on the modules they need the most help with. These are instructor-led courses where you can interact with them, ask questions, and discuss with other learners via message board. So there is no set time everyone has to be online together. Cost for CNE online is $395

Let us know if you have any questions 1-800-DIAL-WSU ext:5080 or [email protected]

There is a lot of information including instructor bios, full course descriptions, and pricing on our website at: Online Certification Prep Courses - Winona State University

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