please help - nursing dx for Wegener's granulmatosis


Help! I have to do a careplan on a patient who was recently diagnosed with Wegener's granulmatosis. None of my books have any information on this disease. Prior to this, he had no health problems other than HTN which is under control. He came in with respiratory failure due to his lungs being full of blood and that has since resolved. I'm not quite sure I understand how this disease affects the lungs.

Now because of the new disease he has developed renal failure and anemia, likely because of the renal failure. The thing is, you wouldn't even be able to tell he had these conditions other than the abnormal lab work. BUN and creatinine are through the roof, GFR is What are the priorities here? I'm guessing there are a lot of potential problems. Please help!! :crying2: :crying2:

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best sites to start with when looking for information about diseases is the merck manual and emedicine. family practice notebook will sometimes give you the doctor's treatment in a concise outline form, but it is from the perspective of the family physician and not all diseases are covered. medline plus will get you to links with good information and the national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases will also get you teaching materials. in an additional posting on that thread i have a link to the kidney school site that explains a lot about how the kidneys fail.

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