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Please help!!! New Grad needs help with cover letter....

Specializes in neuro, tele.

Hello, I am graduating from nursing school in December and am in the process of applying for jobs. I have visited the career services at my school for help on both my resume and cover letter but, unfortunately I am stumped right now. The lady that was helping me with my cover letter said that I am missing key points from the position summary of the job description and need to focus on excellence in concern, respect, and cooperation, skills with documentation, teamwork (see job description below). I'm just not sure how to write this in my cover letter. Any suggestions??? Thanx!!!!!


Here is the job description I am applying for:

Schedule:Full TimeShift:ROTATINGHours:12 hr shift/variable hoursJob Details:Position Summary: Utilizes current nursing practices to provide patient care while focusing on the needs of the patient and exemplifying the service excellence goals of care, concern, respect and cooperation. As a contributing member of a health care team, develops and provides a comprehensive plan of care for assigned patients. Recognizes and consistently applies knowledge of 14 Magnet Forces.

Position Requirements:

Minimum Education:

Required: Bachelors Degree

Minimum Experience:

Required: Less than one year of previous job-related experience

Preferred: 1-2 years of previous job-related experience


Required: Basic Life Support (CPR),Nursing - Current Registered Nurse license State of Illinois

Position Responsibilities: Patient Care & Assessment - Clarifies and implements physician, physician assistant and/or advance practice nurse orders by administering medications and performing treatments and testing as prescribed by the physician, and documents accordingly (Magnet Force #12). Plan of Care - Obtains information from patient and/or family to develop an appropriate patient educational plan. Communication - Performs required documentation and communicates in a competent and effective manner to meet patient and/or family needs and regulatory requirements. Discharge Planning - Reviews and evaluates discharge plans with the multidisciplinary teams, the patient, and family to promote timely and appropriate discharge(Magnet Force #'s 5,10,11,13). Quality Improvement - Utilizes time and resources effectively to promote quality and cost outcomes (Magnet Force #'s 1,7). Professional Development Activities - Demonstrates accountability for professional growth and job performance by seeking opportunities to enhance job skills and knowledge (Magnet Force #'s 4,14).

Hi! I would suggest going to the library for entry level cover sheets to view and adapt according to your skills. Hard copies are good to have as reference. And of course google it. Another important point, there are "key words" employers are looking for and wanting to see on your resume and cover sheet---e.g. committed, effective, proactive, accountable, demonstrate----and a lot more---as long as you feel it is who you are.

They know upon interview if you are whom you said you are on the resume.

Mention specific skills, personal characteristics, and more importantly your leadership skills, THEN tailor it to their special needs. And do not forget to express the great contribution YOU can bring to the organization.

Good luck!

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