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PLEASE Help Me Make This Decision (I need input!!!)


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Ok, so I graduate in may w/a BS in Health Studies from Michigan State. I want to get into nursing immediately after, but here's the thing. I have 2 kids and will be going to school in Ohio (or other states) but Im from Michigan so I wont have a support system to help me with my kids, Ill be all alone cause I have no family and I dont know anyone in Ohio.

So given my situation do you think its best for me to just get an ADN over a 2 year period or get an ABSN? im asking this because Im scared of flunking out. Im sure the ADN program will be easier to handle than the accelerated BSN program, but then again its quicker and I'll have a bachelors instead of an associates. But I also could just get the ADN and then bridge to MSN. So I dont know what to do. If anyone has been in this situation or just has any input could you give me your opinion? Thanks!

FYI: For the ABSN program Im looking at Indiana Wesleyan, University of Miami. For the ADN Im looking at Chamberlain, Christ college, Mercy of NWO, Good Samaritan, and a few others

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for me it would depend on if you are planning to work or not during the schooling process.

If not, personally I'd just go for the ABSN. (keep in mind this is just my opinion. I have no kids, but I stress out VERY easily)

Its only a year, and yeah you will be stressed out. you'll probably feel like pulling your hair out and want to cry sometimes, but its only a year. ( i know girls who cry and pull their hair out in the 2 year program)

Its just ONE year of praying yourself and kids dont get sick, or that your car doesnt break down, or heaven forbid a death of a friend or family member etc. whereas the ADN is TWO full years of praying that you dont have to miss class because of one of these reasons. It may be a slightly slower pace (depending on the school) but its still going to be a fast pace environment and I think having a B/S in health studies would definately be a help for you.

If you did the ADN- you are still going to be stressed out with the schoolwork portion. So for me it would just be easier to prepare myself to be miserable for one year, instead of 2.

You'd also be able to work sooner, and you may even have a better shot at jobs because of your BSN instead of an ADN.

Also...another option...if you are realy worried about your children being sick/having to miss class because of babysitting issues, would it be possible to stay in your area where you are from? If you could stay close to home where you have friends or neighbors you already know that you trust with your kids, maybe you could take an ADN near home (most community colleges offer it), and then just get your BSN online. it only takes a year.

Otherwise i'd go for the ABSN...you've already put in your 4 years for your bachelors, I'm sure you are about ready to be done with school.

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I actually agree with everything you said. I've been thinking the same thing. I get on here and read comments about how the ABSN program is very hard and then I read comments where they are saying the ADN program is equally as hard, so I kind of figure if theyre both extra hard why not just go for the ABSN and get it out the way. I just wanted another opinion to see if other people saw it the same as I do. And youre absolutely right, I am so tired of school so I would love to get it over with. My parents offered to keep the little ones while Im going through the program but that would be extremely hard for me, especially since my youngest will only be 1 at the time. But thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. Oh, and I'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting into a program in MI, especially with the economy in this state. Everybody wants to run back to school to be a nurse all of a sudden since the economy turned bad which makes it harder for us who have planned to be nurses all along.



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ugh dont get me started on this economy lol. but it wouldnt hurt to apply in michigain just in case..you might get lucky if you have a good enough GPA and because your schooling is recent. these other people with bachelor degrees arent as fresh up with schooling, and some of their courses may have expired. Also alot of people that want to head into nursing probbly dont have a degree at all which would make them ineligable for the ABSN..they'd have to start with their ADN and get all their pre-reqs like A&P, Micro, Etc.. out of the way too!

good luck though :) it'll be a rough year, but as long as your prepared for it, you can do it! :)