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Hi, everyone! I am going to be applying to a nursing school this fall, but I am have not yet taken the HESI A2 exam. I was wondering about the best materials that I can use to study with. In your experiences, what have you used to study and prepare for the HESI A2 exam?

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Hi there! I actually just took my HESI exam last week! Some of the review books I used were the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review (Elsevier), HESI A2 Secrets Study Guide (Mometrix), and the 3 HESI A2 Practice Tests (McGraw-Hill Education). McGraw-Hill Education also has a review book available. I used other resources such as Quizlet (Conversions Flashcards | Quizlet for math and Hesi Vocabulary a2 Flashcards | Quizlet for vocab) and the app, Pocketprep. I found Pocketprep very useful, especially if you purchase the full version. It allows you to take practice tests from every section, and it allows you to do up to 100 questions per test! For A&P, I watched the Crash Course videos on Youtube. I hope this helps!


I bought the Hesi book from my school store. The book was extremely helpful with the math section. At my school we only needed to take the math and reading portion of the test. For the reading section, I literally just searched on google "Hesi reading comprehension exams" and 100s of practice tests come up. I did this for the math portion as well.

I studied for about a month and passed on my first attempt using the book and online practice tests.

Good luck :) I hope this helps.

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I also used the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review (Elsevier). And the HESI A2 app. I ended making a 97 on my HESI by using the book and the app to review, so I definitely suggest those.

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