Please help. Facilities w/critical shortage of nurses.


I am a first year nursing student. I am about to apply for an HRSA scholarship where you must complete a service commitment to a facility with a critical shortage of nurses after graduating and receiving licensure.

I have been doing searches on the internet for a list of these facilities in New York State, but I cannot seem to find anything containing the information I am looking for. I have gone onto the NYS dept. of health website and still cannot find a thing!

I am feeling very frustrated because I am not currently living in NY (I moved to Pa to go to school) and so it's not like I can just go into the dept. of health or even talk to other health care workers where I am from (in Ny)....

If I could get some direction or even a link I would GREATLY appreciate your help!!! :)


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(emphasis mine)

the nursing scholarship program does not decide where participants fulfill their service obligation to the program. scholars are free to select any facility, in any u.s. state, district of columbia or u.s. territory, that is one of the following:

  • federally qualified health center (including look alike health center)
  • rural health clinic
  • indian health service health center
  • native hawaiian health center
  • hospital
  • nursing home
  • home health agency
  • hospice program
  • state or local public health department including public health clinic within the department
  • skilled nursing facility
  • ambulatory surgical center

for the purposes of the nursing scholarship program, all of these types of facilities have critical shortages of nurses and are eligible health facilities where nursing scholarship recipients can fulfill their minimum two-year service obligations.

nursing scholarship recipients are responsible for finding their own employment site and confirming its eligibility with the program. the nsp reserves the right of final approval to ensure a scholar's compliance with statutory requirements related to the service obligation.


be sure that you: contact the scholar support branch of the division of scholar and clinician support at 1-800-221-9393 prior to accepting employment to assure facility/position eligibility.


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Thank you Crocuta!

I really dislike that website. I feel that it isn't very user-friendly.

I feel very relieved now; I thought before there was an actual list of specific facilities! LOL!


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As a HRSA award recipient, I recommend contacting the hospital you are interested in to see if they are considered critical shortage facilities or disproporitionate share hospitals. You will need a letter stating their status.. I believe mine was signed by the CFO of the hopsital?? (HR can help you with this.. or direct you where to go.)


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I was wondering the same thing! I am about to apply for it too! Good luck to you :-) I sure hope I get it! Im not sure how I am going to pay for school otherwise...


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I was wondering the same thing! I am about to apply for it too! Good luck to you :-) I sure hope I get it! Im not sure how I am going to pay for school otherwise...

It's ridiculous but I've had some family member try to talk me out of it because of the service commitment. I always remark with "Oh, so are YOU offering to pay for my nursing education?" LOL!

They said on the application that they are hoping to give out twice the awards (i'm approximating) as the year before. So good luck.:)