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please give me some advice. Preparing for CEN exam in abroad...

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Hello. Now I'm about to start studying for CEN exam.

I need some help from you guys!!

I live in abroad and I'm a member of ENA as an international nurse.


Is there anyone can help me to direct how to edit my CEN exam application via BCEN website so that I can apply ENA member discount? I can't find edit button anywhere.....should I have to send a email to staff? :'(


And another question!


I'm considering taking CEN online review course. And I cannot make a choice which one is better between ENA's CEN online review($200) / Solheim's online CEN Exam prep course ($150) + The course manual ($24.99)


Please give me any advice for preparing CEN exam!


Getting study materials or information about getting CEN is too limited because this is rare in my country...

Thank you. :)

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You should definitely email the BCEN staff regarding your discount. Good luck with the exam!

Jeff Solheim's material is great, and I am sure the ENA prep is good too. The ENA just released the 5th edition of the CEN review manual, and I believe it comes with some online tests.

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