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Hi, i'm a new grad RN. If God permits I will start working in the Med/ Surg unit at the end of this month, I heard is hard but a good unit to start and improve your skills. Please give me an advice. I only worked for 6 months as an LVN in assisted living 2 years ago,so I don't have experience in the hospital setting. I'm so scared. I always wanted to work in hospital because you learn a lot. Please help I don't want to burnout.




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Hye Merlin!

Plz be relax, you know I am still a student,Studying BscN but whenever we are sent for our new clinical rotation and to a new ward. I never get panic in fact I am deciding to think positively. First of all, I let myself know about the ward and their staff. I am trying to make a good rapo with them and after, i make myself comfortable and relax and start working over there. nothing's getting me in trouble and most of the things go well.:up: best of luck bro! í ½í¸Ší ½í±âœŒ


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Hello Marlin,

I have just completed my remedial course (RN refresher) and have completed clinical practice at med/surg unit at a local hospital. I can completely relate to the anxiety you may be experiencing. My anxiety level was sky high due to the fact that I have been out of nursing for almost 20 years! Now imagine that!

That being said, my clinical practice was outstanding in terms of the environment and the support I have received from my preceptor and other RN's. The hospital that I went to work at is fully digital and so I had to learn to work the digital pumps, PCA's, electronic charting, etc.

I am also of opinion that Med/Surg is a great ward to learn nursing diagnosis and you will have far less acuity to deal with, so it provides learning curve that is not too steep. Most of your patients will be stable and oriented. You will see a good mix of GI, ortho, DM, COPD and cardiac (usually stable) patients. That depends upon facility though.

My advice would be to strike a good relationship with preceptor and patient techs/CNA's. Ask questions and request assistance if you are stuck and don't know what to do. You'll need to delegate a lot to patient techs or else your work will not be done! Learn to assess and re-assess. Know your patients. I wrote this info down and kept adding any changes patients had. Also, charting is going to be important.

Having a good raport with patients is important too. There come your people skills and therapeutic responses :) On my unit patients absolutely loved my preceptor. I can't count the praises I heard about my preceptor's work.

Honestly, I don't know why some RN's (especially ER and ICU peeps) look down on med/surg unit. It is a specialty in itself and one can learn to be a great clinician at med/surg.

Good luck to you!