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I'm a RN student here and am thinking about becoming a CNA and working part time as a CNA while I go to school. I know many of you have probably worked as CNA's while in nursing school. I have a couple of questions: 1. Do you have to first start out in a LTC facility or can you get a job with no experience in a hospital? 2. Will my employer help with school costs? I think being a CNA would be a great head start at learning skills but I really don't want to work in a LTC facility....I'd like to get some hospital skills that I can use later after I graduate. Every so often I hear about nursing stduents who get a "scholarship" from a hospital while in school and the school pays for alot of expenses for the student if the student agrees to work for that hospital for a certain amount of time after graduation. Does anyone know anything about such programs or how or where I might dig up some info. on such things?????? Thanks in advance.



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I am entering a CNA training program (full time pay during the 5 weeks of training) through a nearby hospital. I will be able to take the ceritfication test after completion.

I will be working with no previous hospital experience.

As for scholarships, call the HR departments at hospitals near you. Many hospitals do have programs as you described, but they are all different.

Also, once you're working at a hospital, there is tuition re-imbursement with no additional commitment after graduation.

Hope you find a program and a job.

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