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Please advise me on my chances (Massachusetts)

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Would you please advise me on which Massachusetts ASN/ADN colleges you would recommend I might have a chance of being accepted into? I've completed all of my pre-reqs but I'm concerned due to my GPA. I keep delaying my application due to being worried my app won't be good enough and already missed a few years (just from doubting myself). I don't know how to enhance my application at this point.

Any advise would definitely be appreciated. Thank you

2.8 associate's degree

85% TEAS

3 letters of recommendation

medical/non medical experience

Wait, what is your GPA? 2.8 or...?

Hi, yes my GPA was from my first non-nursing associate's degree was 2.8 years ago when I graduated. It may be a 2.9 now since the completion of my recent class.

Is this GPA our cumulative GPA? Because Nursing schools usually only calculate GPA with specific science courses and specific non science courses. What is your science GPA? (ie. Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, basic Chemistry and College Algebra)Your GPA might be higher than you think

Bunker Hill, Quincy, Massasoit, Baystate, Brockton Hospital .... Don't doubt yourself, you never know until you try


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