Playing Favorites?

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Does anyone out there face the irritation of nurse manager's playing favorites??? Please share. I face this in my job, and this was apparent from day one. I've been at my current position for a couple of years and I feel I have a fairly good relationship with my nurse manager, but I can't help but notice the "buddy-buddy" favorotism that goes on. It's pretty bothersome sometimes.

I think this sort of thing goes on everywhere and there is very little you can do to fight it. In the LTC facility where I work, I have noticed that our house supervisor absolutely has favorites and her favorites are assigned to the easier tasks on the easiet units. The "favorites" are usually the ones that cannot do the job, so they kiss a little butt to keep their job and it usually works. One particular person I'm thinking of is constantly making scrub tops and buying "a Little something" for the H.S. because when she saw it, "It just screamed her name." So, take my advice, just do your job and try not to get too upset over this. It will just cause an ulcer and you aren't going to change a thing. It may not be fair, but hey, this is life and it's not fair either.

haha Duckie! I have worked with ones that would say such things like "it just screamed your name" isn't that revolting??

Anyway, on the floor I was hired to when I first graduated, my nurse manager was awesome. Such a nice lady and willing to bend over backwards for her employees, but not willing to take action against the sour apples. She did have a pet. The pet had been there as long as she has (15+ yrs) and the pet was self-nicknamed 'the princess' and boy, did she sure live up to that title. I won't go into specifics because we all know the type very well, but just wanted to reassure you that the favoritism thing seems prevalent in lots of facilities!

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