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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I'm pretty excited to be here. A little info on me, I'm a registered Radiology Technologist working in CT and xray right now. I am pretty much bored out of my mind though. I feel like I want to be more involved in patient care. And I want a career that has more mobility, both job wise and geographically. I am seriously considering applying to an accelerated BSN program very close to where I live. I have most of the pre-reqs from my xray degree. I have 2 that I will need to take this spring and I already have appointments at the college to get registered for those classes.

All of the posts I have been reading about the shortage of jobs for new grads makes me nervous though. I guess I'm wondering if it would be worth it to go through another 2 years of school, rack up more student loans and in the end not be able to get a nursing job when I'm done. I think my experience as an xray tech could be helpful in my future job search, and who knows, by the time I graduate, the economy might have turned around and hospitals might actually be hiring again. So do you think it's worth it?


I have been thinking about the same thing about the shortage but I think health care field will never slow down.

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