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Hi Im Sarah from the uk :)

I was curious as I was on placement a month ago and our clinical educator was so nice to us while on the ward and was close to our age ( Im 24) and we had alot to talk about. Then when we all would go to lunch and they would go and sit by themselves. Was this because they arent allowed to be real 'friends' with their students, like is there a bit of a limit, or didnt actually want to? Just wondering.

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When I am on duty and go to lunch, often I run into family members of my patients. And while I may like them, I automatically take my food back to the floor to eat.

Is it because I do not like them. No, but I need to have some time during the day that is "me" time, not "on display", and still have to say/do/act super professional nurse and watch everything that I say.

Your instructor is just that, your instructor. As much as you may be a great student, there are probably fellow students that may rub her the wrong way, or things that annoy her privately. She needs to have some time during the day to say, and do, and vent (within reason) about issues, without worrying about it hurting feelings, without answering questions or being super personable.

Or like me, may just like to eat in peace and quiet for 30 minutes, to regain peace in soul.

Yeah this makes alot of sense. I guess I need to keep reminding myself that we are not friends, Im am a student and they are my teacher, even though they are only a year older than me! We get along so well though, secretly they may despise me though haha.

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