i placed 30 cc to a 16 fr 5 cc foley cath

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i put in 30 cc of water to a 16 fr 5cc cath...yep.. i did.. so now, what should i do? its been 6 days since i inserted the catheter and its been draining well. no adverses reactions noted or whatsoever. i just realized it now.. should i reinsert a new catheter or should i just get a sterile syringe and aspirate 20-25 cc of water from the catheter that way 5-10 cc of water will be left for the balloon???im anxious....i hope nothing bad happens to the patient. il go back to work tonight and clean up my mess. :( help!!

what happened if the balloon burst inside the urinary bladder while introducing water inside the balloon??

Let the attending physician know the balloon burst, the patient should be referred to a urologist for a cystoscopy. The urologist will check the bladder for balloon fragments and if there are fragments, they will remove them to prevent bladder infections and/or stones.


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Glad its an old thread- otherwise I would have guessed "TROLL"

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