Place to stay in Maui Hawaii


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I am about to sign a 13 week contract to work in Wailuku Hawaii. I am trying to find an affordable and furnished 2 bedroom apartment there. Does anyone have any leads. I've tried zillow and furnished finders.



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Craigslist. Post your own housing wanted ad there as well as browsing. facebook local pages if things are really that scarce. VRBO, Medical Temp Housing, Travelers Haven, AirBnB. Hospital staffing office.

Akil, BSN

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Thanks NedRN. I've been trying airbnb and Vrbo but their rates are quite high. I will look into some of the others you recommended.


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Find a suitable place and negotiate. Taking something for three months often changes the equation. I often offer to pay in advance and that also changes the equation. Tourist rentals may be prohibited and owners may welcome some guaranteed revenue. In any case, tourists will not be filling up places the rest of the year as if this was a normal year. Some hotels currently have policies just for healthcare workers ranging from free to affordable.