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Anyone here work at St. Clair Hospital? Any input? I have an interview on Tuesday for their ICU. Their telephone system's prerecorded message says they were voted one of the "Top 100 Employers" in Pittsburgh.

It's not exactly next door for me...about 50 minutes away. So I'd have to be pretty impressed to jump ship. (Then again, things are pretty hairy at my place right now, so maybe I only need to be some impressed. They are building a new 12-bed ICU and that in itself is awfully tempting...new equipment! Wow!)


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Feel free to PM me if you don't want to respond in a public forum. Thanks.


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Zee, the only thing I can tell you is what a former St. Clair nurse told me. She left there six months ago because the mandatory overtime was breaking her back. Other than that she was there a long time and liked it.

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