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New L&D nurse trying to get the hang of Pitocin titration.  I'm definitely not upping my Pit as much as the providers would like.  My facility uses an algorithm for tachysystole that makes it clear to me when to initiate resuscitative measures, decrease the pit, discontinue the pit, and restart it. However, it is managing those category II strips when the contraction pattern is still not adequate that I find difficult.  What FHR patterns in absence of tachysystole would make you 1) wait to increase the pit, 2) decrease the pit, and 3) turn the pit off all together?

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This might help you:

https://www.mnhospitals.org/Portals/0/Documents/patientsafety/Perinatal/5_OneSided_Category 2 managemet handout 1.pdf

Also, I'm sure you already know this, but you should never administer maternal O2 to improve the EFM tracing/fetal oxygenation if you have Pit going.

This module would be EXTREMELY helpful. It's $39 but it basically covers everything you need to know regarding EFM and labor management (I have no financial gain, but I recently purchased it myself to maintain my C-EFM certification).



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VERY helpful. Thank you

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