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Hello Everyone,

I am new member to however I have read many of the discussion in the past! :) Question for everyone.... I am currently in LPN school and our school requires the students(women) to wear the traditional nursing white dress uniform for the pinning ceremony and the men wear white pants and white polo. While a few of the women are OK with wearing this, a majority are not. Frankly its just not cost effective dress, cap, pin and misc graduation fees=$$$$ Oh not to mention then paying for NCLEX. I am trying to come up with some other options to present to Admin. Any suggestions would be great and pictures would be even better!!!!

Thank you and good luck to you!:yeah:


Also if you think I should post this on different discussions let me know. Maybe I could get more response from those that have completed the ceremony.


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My school lets graduating nurses wear business-casual type clothes under a lab coat. That way everyone looks sort of similar but it's not a huge outlay for anyone.

Failing that, will your school let the women wear white pants and polos, too?

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Originally I was going to wear a dress that was 60 bucks ! The manager at the store gave me a discount. However, I hated the dress and returned it the same day. I just bought a skirt for 11 bucks and a cheap top. If you have nursing shoes just wear those but make sure they are cleaned. My cap was 12 bucks. You don't have to spend alot for the pinning uniform, especially with having so much other expenses to dish out for nclex. congrats on finishing your program.


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We wore white professional dress, usually the fancier scrubs which we could use once as we started working in the hospitals.

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