Pinning Ceremony


I'm class president and our class is in charge of planning our pinning. We have a location, date and time (2-5pm). I'm wondering what we should serve? In the past, some classes have had just cake and punch and some classes have hosted a full luncheon. Any ideas? Also any ideas of things your class is doing or did in the past that worked really well (or really bad!) would be great too! Thanks!

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You guys are lucky. We aren't allowed any refreshments...


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I also JUST posted a thread like this one, I havent had much response though. I am also planning my classes graduation and pinning ceremony.

What I have planned so far is to hold the pinning ceremony at our campus, with a slide show and a humorous powerpoint. After that we will announce that we are holding an after party at a different location (we are deciding between three local restaraunts) We have a local bakery in our town who was willing to donate a sweet tray (instead of a cake). This way guests can buy dinner and drinks if they wish and it doesnt come out of my $200 budeget the university gives me. We will also serve coffee and tea to go with the sweet tray. I am also having class sweatshirts made for everybody. And because my class didnt want to order the traditional pins I had some buttons made up for everyone. We are also going to do senior superliatives during the pinning ceremony!