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Pima Medical Institute


For those who happened to go through PMI's LPN to RN program: Can someone tell me how intense the clinical rotation aspect of Pima Medical Institute's LPN to RN program is? As a "test-taker," I'm not overly worried about the classroom aspect. Just not the best multitasker - and I hate computer charting. I figure if I'm going to remain in a highly stressful job, with a ridiculous amount of responsibility, I may as well make $5 to $10 an hour more. Of course I don't relish the fact that it'll cost around $12,000 - plus I won't be able to work during the fulltime, 8 month long program.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 15 years experience.

I'd beware of Pima Medical Institute. One of our members completed the LPN-to-ADN bridge program at Pima. Once he graduated and attempted to enroll in online RN-to-BSN degree completion programs, most schools rejected his application because the credits he had earned at Pima were not transferable.

Pima is not regionally accredited, nor does it have national nursing accreditation through the ACEN or CCNE. This will be problematic if you wish to earn a BSN or MSN degree later in your nursing career.

Absolutely, Gold 5. That's a given - they're not regionally accredited. Thanks for reminder others about this BIG fact. On a personal note, I will likely retire from nursing within 10 years, hence I have no desire to go beyond the ADN. Doing bedside, home care, ADN is plenty - no management for me! Thanks Gold 5.