Pima Medical Institute?


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Are there any grads of the program, or current students who are willing to tell me about their experiences? Yes, I know it is a high dollar program for an ADN, but I want to get done and get out and start working and do an ADN to MSN program, which NAU offers. Unfortunately, there are not many choices on getting a nursing degree here in Tucson- so it's either wait 4 semesters for Pima CC or go to PMI and get it done and over with. Unfortunately the U of A is not an option for me right now.(I have already taken the HESI and scored a 96% on, plus I aced the interview and essay, as in I was told she'd be shocked if I was not accepted into the program to start in August.)

Thanks in advance!!!


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Kristey, What kind of information would you like? The Pima program in Mesa/Phoenix has graduated 5 classes since the beginning in 2005. They have a 90% NCLEX-RN pass rate, and there is a good likelihood that the Tucson program will do as well because they use the same curriculum. The classes are small, as are the clinical groups. With a 96% on the HESI, you have a great chance of succeeding in school. The faculty are very dedicated to your success. Both the Mesa/Phoenix and Tucson programs have been congratulated by the Board of Nursing Education Committee for its student success. I think you will find that you really get your money's worth in a good education and student-faculty support. They have a very low drop-out rate because of all the support students get from the faculty.