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It is so hard to find reviews as to the quality of the Pima Community College Nursing program in Tucson, AZ. Can any current or previous students speak to their experience? As well as any tips you could recommend for success? Hardest semesters? I really appreciate any info anyone can give. THANK YOU!!!


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I am not a student there, but I have completed my prerequisites there and have spoken to both former and current students of the nursing program and they've all said pretty much the same thing "it's a solid program."

My advice is to just be diligent and be willing to learn because that's what nursing instructors like to see. Each school is different, but your first semester will likely cover fundamentals of nursing, and as you progress you will start to scratch the surface of med-surg content. Just pay attention in class, preview your power points, write good notes, and don't be afraid to ask questions (no matter how dumb you think it is).

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I've heard great things about the Pima nursing program. I'm just finishing prereqs at Pima and will be applying to a couple of the CEP programs for Fall 2019. I've been told that the program prepares you well, has a great NCLEX pass rate, and its graduates are desirable for employers. Also, rumor is that the second semester is hardest and that is when dropouts usually happen. Good luck!