Pima CC spring 2019

U.S.A. Arizona


I noticed there hasn't been a discussion for those applying to the September 1st Pima CC ADN deadline, so I thought I'd start one.

I took my HESI today and didn't do as well on A&P as I hoped but my scores are

Math: 100

Reading: 92

A&P: 84

Accuplacer: 112

I have As in my prerequisites except I think a B in Calculus.

No prior degree, no volunteer hours, but I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to eat points for my time in the Army.

jist trying to get an idea of where I stand and hope I get in! Anyone else?

Hey! Your score looks good at 80, it is about average or a bit higher than other scores posted and what I have seen. I Just do not understand why this application is taking so long. Has anyone heard from Pima on an ETA

I haven't heard anything at all. But it seems like it took like 5+ weeks past the deadline for fall semester, so I assume it'll probably be that long this time too. I'm impatiently waiting.

Fall also required CEP acceptance into universities, they already did that for Spring. It shouldn't take that long again!

Oh yeah you're totally right, but I'm not holding my breath.

Your hesi scores look great! And all A's are pretty great too. I have all A's on my prerequisites and for the HESI

got a 100 for A&P, 92 for reading and 90 for math. My accuplacer was 110 or 112 I cant remember. And I have basic work experience, no volunteering or previous degree so not sure where I stand.

I hope they get back to us soon, its killing me to wait!

I wish they at least gave us a ballpark in when to expect a response

Called in last week and they said expect the second week of October

Acceptance letters seem to have gone out. I received mine today!

Got accepted today!

Yes they did! YAY!

I got in, too! This was my second try.

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