PIH Health Good Samaritan RN Residency May 2024

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Wanted to start a thread for the May New Grad RN Residency starting in May 2024! 

excitednurse.303 said:

Hi! Has anyone heard back from L&D? Or Postpartum? 🙂

Nope 😞 I also applied to both those units back in late February and haven't heard back yet.

I applied to DOU, CVDOU, and a couple Med/Surg units and haven't heard back either since an initial follow up email a couple weeks ago.  Trying to find a New Grad program in LA has been kind of a struggle 😭

Sending good energies out! Waiting to hear back from L&D, and we will!

Speaking it out for us! 

Specializes in Emergency.

I accepted the job offer for ED 😁 Anyone else get anything? I have a few other friends that interviewed but haven't heard anything yet 😕

I got DOU position and processing with onboarding for may 2024

Anyone hear from surgery? 

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