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Piedmont Medical Center


Hello all. I have an interview at Piedmont Medical coming up. (YAY) I have been checking out the forum and there seems to be a lot of negative remarks but the most recent post is from 2011. I was wondering if any current employees can give me some insight as to how it is working there now.

Laura, I joined Piedmont Medical Center in April 2014. I have been very impressed with the way this facility is run, the attentiveness of the administration, and the teamwork among my peers is excellent. I have been in hospital based health care for a long time and I consider Piedmont to be at the top for patient centric care. They take excellent care of our patients and staff. There are always new initiatives in health care and here at Piedmont the staff are openly welcomed into discussions on how best to change processes to achieve any new initiatives. I am so happy I found this facility - plan to retire from here (a long time from now of course!)

Thank you!! I am very excited about my interview. I hope to be able to join the team, it sounds like a great place to work.

Laura,Definitely give PMC a shot. We have a new CEO that is awesome. Alot of things have changed for the better since he arrived. Good luck.

Interview over!! Hopefully it went OK. I just get so nervous. After speaking with the NM it does sound like a place I would love to make a career at.