Trouble with time management/charting what I've done-any advice?

  1. Asking anyone for advice. I have 3 weeks of nursing school left and I am still having trouble with time management. Partly because I'm never in the same place, care or specialty more than once. I am exceeding at hands on care, knowing how to trouble shoot machines, catching changes in patient condition etc.. however my charting skills suck! I feel I do so much more than I can remember to write, especially when I get called away or get a new admit. I think it might help if I create some sort of standard routine. I don't want to waste time re-inventing the wheel or double charting. So do any of you old-school or new-school nurses have any suggestions on how to get focused. Preemptive Thanks,

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  3. by   gal220RN
    What do you use to take report? Do you have a standard sheet? I have seen nurses make their own specialized form on Word, including a time slot for each hours vital signs, I/O, meds due, prn's given, reminders for that hour and any exceptions/interventions you complete for that hour. This might seems like reworking, but if you are unable to get to the chart or if you are unable to log into your computer, it might give you a way to get the information down before you forget it.

    Of course, if you are like me, you leave your peripheral brain (as I call it) all over your unit and spend an hour looking for it. I have yet to find a solution for this one!!

    Keep up the good work. You will find a system that works for you.
  4. by   hybridnurse
    I created and started using a sheet this week. It is helping much more than I expected. I've also learned to use 3" tape in an emergency. I just rip a long piece off and stick to wherever I am. Thanks,
  5. by   AlabamaBelle
    Many of us in our PICU use the 3" tape - tape it to our cart in the room and jot notes. Doesn't move, doesn't get tossed by mistake. When we move it, we usually tape to our scrub top or pants.