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Hey PICU girls and boys! I saw a thread recently for t-shirt slogans in OB. Maybe their specialty lends itself to better catch phrases, but can we come up with anything for us? We haven't had new... Read More

  1. by   Cynjon
    Hi Elyse, I thought that was you. Thanks for mentionig this site. Cynthia
  2. by   wife57
    guys had some great ideas for shirts, so i was wondering if you could help me. i just recently recieved my LPN and started working back at the hospital that I worked at as an aid before going to school. for as long as i have worked there night shift and day shift have not gotten along (which i know is just how it is) but being right out of school i want to work on that so i though making shirts for the nursing staff would be fun. i work at a little hospital and we are the only department there 24 hrs so i want us to be proud of what we do. I would appreciate any ideas you all have. thanks
  3. by   pedimac
    1. PICU nurses Roc! (for rocuronium, and we're awesome.)

    2. PICU - Keeping the beat! (With an EKG, normal beat and then a PVC)
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  4. by   chancie
    Ha, that duck T-shirt idea is really cute. And the "PICU nurses Roc" - LOVE IT