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  1. To All PICU's-
    How has your patient census been this fall and winter? Please give me your bed capacity and average census. Let me know if you are up/ down/ about the same. Our census the last 6 months has been lower than in past years.Possible due to synagis, flu vaccine, and prevention training & education. Let me know what is going on other places.
    Thanks Lori A PICU Nurse Educator
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  3. by   GulfCoastGal
    we have a 16 bed capacity here in OKC. We have been prety steady over the last few months. In fact, we were double the normal (compared to past Christmases) this Christmas. Only every once in a while our census is low. (less than 8-9 pts). We typically staff about 7-8 nurses per shift.

  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Our census has been running high for the last four months. Our unit is a mixed med-surg-trauma unit and about 60% of our admissions are cardiac surgical patients. We have a pediatric transport team and an ECLS team. We have a 15 bed unit but have been funded for a 16th bed, so we now are doubling up in one of our rooms. We have the space in theory but don't have the required equipment for that 16th bed. Many times lately we've had 17 or 18 kids and no one who can go out! Right now we have 14 patients, including one on ECLS, one on ECLS alert, a Tylenol OD in fulminant hepatic and renal failure and two waiting for heart transplants. Our baseline staffing is 16 RNs, 1 TN and charge.
  5. by   climberrn
    We are down from last year. And most of our cases are not respiratory. Weird!
  6. by   babynurseapril
    We are busier than last year. Our census has been full to capacity pretty much since 1-1-05. WE have a twenty four bed unit in a level one trauma center. We also do hearts, and LOTS of neuro. We have lots of REALLY sick kids. I have never seen so much ECMO and CRRT.