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hi! i just wanted to introduce myself. i'm starting a new grad program in february at phoenix children's hospital in the PICU. they have the 2nd largest PICU in the country--3 pods, hemeonc,... Read More

  1. by   climberrn
    Quote from jamonit
    i take PALS this week. it's not that bad, right?
    It's intimidating as hell at first but in every class I've taken, the instructors are way helpful and go over the scenarios as many times as you need to 'get it'. Like Jan said, know your didatic stuff cold and your algorhythms (sp?) and you'll be fine.
  2. by   PEDSVA
    I will most likely be returning to the PICU soon. Although I was in PICU for 1 1/2 I am very nervous about returning b/c I feel like I have forgotten the little bits I had learned. Essentially, I feel like a new grad all over again. Any words of advice, suggestions for what to review (we do cardiacs and ECMO)? Oh, I recently took PALS again under the new guidelines. It wasn't too bad. The instructors were very helpful esp. during practice scenerios. The scenerios and mega code stressed me out!!!The written part was the least stressful part, as long as you review meds, dosages, and alogrithms (brady, VF, PEA) then you'll be fine.