Need some help with hip dysplasia in a toddler.

  1. We have been seening the physical therapy about my daughter. She just turned two this month. She was also two months premature. She walks on her tip toes. They said that was because of a tight heel muscle. So the physical therapist sent us to see the podiatry. We sent the Doctor and he took Xrays. He said there was a leg length discrepancy, and had mild hip dysplasia in the right hip socket and said something about is appears to be flattened. I tried to look this up on the internet and all I could find was hip dysplasia in animals. Can anyone tell me something? I really don't understand much of what they were talking about. If I could just figure out a few things I think it would be ok. Can anyone help me?
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    Here are a few links that might help you.

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