Lets Have A Bonding Of All Picu Nurses

  1. HELLO everyone..........lets have a bonding session on this PICU BB and keep posting so that we can make this BB more interesting. No one really posts here that often and I know there are a lot of PICU nurses out there so come one and come all and share your thoughts feelings.....techniques and such.....I would like to know how everyone get organized for the plan of care for the day as I am so confused and unprepared right now....well I have only been on the unit for three days and I am a new grad as well so you really know my dilemma here.....but please post some info ..........:roll
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  3. by   2banurse
    Hi Exotic Nurse,
    As I am only a prenursing student there is not much that I can offer, but I am interested in learning more about this area of nursing. I would suggest sharing your experiences as often as possible, so that the posts will be more recent. I know that when I usually go on line to look at the posts, I look at the new posts first and then I go to the different threads. Since you wrote this about 10 days ago, only those interested in PICU (or any other specialty) will go to past posts. I usually sign on twice a day and just going through the new posts can take a while.

  4. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    Hello 2banurse......I am glad to see your reply but I have put in a transfer from the PICU to go to NICU....the atmosphere was to stressful for me and to fast paced so it was suggested I move to NICU where the learning past was two notches down.
  5. by   2banurse
    What did you find the most stressful...I mean, critical care in general is quite stressful. Do you feel that the training in the NICU will better prepare you than the training you received in the PICU?

    Okay, Exotic Nurse. Good luck in the NICU...take care of those sweet little bundles.