anyone care to be my online nurse from PED's?

  1. Hi to all ped's nurses,
    I'm a first semester nursing student in canada and I ws hoping to find an online nurse that I can interact with about the pediatrics unit.....I am very inetersted in theis specialization and I'm doin a paper about it so if anyone could just help that would be gerat!!! thanks very much!!!!
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  3. by   Disablednurse
    Maria, I will be glad to help you, I worked in peds several years ago. If someone else signs on and has more recent experience, please let them help you as I am sure new things have cropped up over the years. But I can help you until someone does.
  4. by   maria_suson
    actually i just needed an online of our curriculum requirements is to interact with a nurse online...if you are interested, that would be doesn't really matter if you're from ped's or not but since you have a little bckground about it , that would be great as well...
    i'm just goona ask questions about what you're doing on your job as a nurse and all that....thanks for helping me...
    if you are ineterested, can I send you my consent form?
  5. by   PICUnurse
    I work in a PICU at a large hospital. If you need any help please email me. terri
  6. by   pepperbark
    I work on a pediatric floor and would be glad to help in any way I can. Please email me if you need anything.

    EG RN