Advice for getting accepted into a Pediatric new grad program

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    I am really just looking for advice, feedback, opinions, or anything you would be willing to offer. I am currently in a second degree nursing program with a dream of working in Pediatrics. I live in San Diego and am completing my degree here and there are only a couple options for Pediatric New grad programs. Those options are Rady's and CHOC (I would be willing to make the commute every day to OC, I want this more than anything.) Sometimes there are some opening at Sharp and UCSD for NICU positions too.

    I am still early in my schooling, but I like to be prepared! Could anyone offer advice on how to build my resume for these new grad programs? I am hoping to get an externship once that time in my schooling comes, but I want to be as strong of a candidate as possible. Do hiring panels place a lot of value on volunteer work in pediatric settings? It looks like it would be difficult to find any paid work in pediatrics right now, but I am willing to be a penny-pincher if volunteering is all I can do! Unfortunately I do not have a great network here in San Diego, but I would love to hear ANY advice anyone has!! These programs are so competitive and I want to give myself every opportunity to strengthen my chances.

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   windywind
    A good place to start is as a Patient Care Assistant in a pediatric hospital.
    It does not guarantee a spot or an interview but you can network that way.
  4. by   minim
    See if you can take an elective practicum in Peds. That's what got me my job! Volunteering or working as a tech can help too. Best of luck!
  5. by   picklerick
    Thank you so much for the responses!! My goal is definitely to land a per diem job as a patient care assistant here soon. I cant help but think ahead