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Current SRNAs,

Just so you know there is a section in the AANA where you can submit pictures of your class on the AANA website. Why don't we all try to get some pics of our class and send them in, it would be great for others ( current or soon to be SRNAs) to see that we are like.

I know everyones time is limited but I think it is a worthwhile project. You can contact Cathy at [email protected]. She will take either hard copys of pics or digital pics.

So, let the pictures roll in and support your AANA. Lee.

Qwiigley, CRNA

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That's a great idea! Only problem is, all of the pics we have taken so far is after a big exam and we have been consuming adult beverages.....


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after admiring the DC metro photos, you can see my classes positioning lab by clicing on the link at the top of the page.

Sorry about the blog going unattended, but like wintermute I have too many exams, and not enough time.



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Cool pics Craig, I started laughing half way thru it just thinking of those different positions. The joke where I am at is I wonder who has tried all 102 positions of the bed :). I guess a bottle of wine would help.

Q, those kind of pics are the real deal you should post them. We always have some type of get toegather after the last final of the semester to relax, I will have to bring a camera next time.


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Craig, thx for that a fistula repair position?


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Laughing my backside off. Our positioning lab led to many laughs, and remembering them was great. Thanks.

Kevin McHugh

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