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PICO question! HELP!! Medication Errors

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Specializes in ER. Has 4 years experience.

Hello friends!

I am needing help formulating a PICOT question on the topic of Medication Errors. I am just concerned on how to word it and what area to gear it towards as I will have to build on it over the rest of my BSN program (GCU). I need it to be something that I can do in depth continued research on so that makes it very hard for me to do. I am hitting a wall here.




Specializes in ER. Has 4 years experience.

So I want to do something on how more errors are made in the ER when nurses are interrupted during the medication process. My comparison would be uninterrupted vs interrupted I guess. Not sure on the intervention exactly thought about barcode scanners. Lots of hospitals have went to this to decrease medication errors. As far as time frame I think that the past 5-7 years of research would be ok?!?

I am writing about the same topic. However, I'm focused on bedside reporting assisting in patient quality care or reducing medication errors. Any suggestions for me as well?