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PICC Nursing - Interested.


I am a senior level student and with each rotation I am becoming increasingly interested in PICC nursing. I will graduate with an ASN. I will be bridging to BSN at some point in the future. Is a BSN required for PICC certification? Should I work in a particular area before attempting certification in PICC? Are there general requirements for PICC certifications?


iluvivt, BSN, RN

Specializes in Infusion Nursing, Home Health Infusion. Has 32 years experience.

No a BSN is not required...however it is an advanced nursing skill and more education is always good in my book. Each state has a slightly different requirements but they are similar. If you will pm me I will send you a document I just constructed for our sister hospital that will give you a good idea on the requirements. You can go to all the PICC classes you want ...but just remember you must repeatedly insert,monitor and maintain them to get truly good at it and then it really becomes fun. I can not tell you how crucial it is to be good at venipunture as well. The most progressive teams are using bedside ultrasound to access and bedside tracking devices as we are. Luckily I work with a highly skilled and dedicated team.some might call us pushy. We are really advocating for our patients and demand to be up to the current standard of care. If vascular access is something you are interested in...I say go for it.....there is more to learn than you realize and that keeps it fresh and exciting even after 23 years of it!!!!!!

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