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Physiology or Medical Microbio first?


Physio or Microbio first?

  1. 1. Physio or Microbio first?

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    • Medical Microbiology

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I'm conflicted on whether I should take Physiology or Microbio first. I'm currently taking Anatomy and it's going pretty well. However, I'm afraid once I get to the other bio classes, physio in particular, I'll suffer.

I plan to apply to universities and nursing programs this fall in hopes of transferring by Fall 2019.

Would it be better or are there advantages to taking one first versus the other?

The Physio and Microbio professors at my community college aren't the best so I feel as if they'll both be pretty difficult. However, subject wise which is least stressful and should I wait to take the least stressful one for spring 2019 or take it first in fall 2018?

In my opinion, to get a better understanding and application of Microbiology taking Anatomy and Physiology first is the best choice.