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I was just medically discharged from the Air Force due to shoulder problems. I would love to become a CRNA. However, I am somewhat worried about the ICU/Trauma experience due to the physical demands that it might require. I will not be able to lift anything over 10lbs for the next couple of years due to my shoulder/scapula being reconstructed. I worked in Physical Therapy in the Air Force and my shoulder just can't hold up to the possibility of someone falling down on me while I walk them or do joint mobs. I REALLY want to become a CRNA but I don't want to get to clinicals and then somebody give me a hard time because of my disability. I am in PT/OT for my shoulder right now, and have plenty of school before the physical aspect comes into play. Please give me a realistic idea of what I am getting myself into. I do not mind a challenge, but I do not want to put patients at risk in my pursuit of becoming a CRNA. Thank you very much for your responses!



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First, are you currently a nurse, because if not, getting through nursing school and the two years of required ICU expereince may be to much for your shoulder. But I would think that CRNA might work for you, as long as your injury is not your laringascope hand.

good luck.


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It will be very hard to get a job in an ICU with a 10 pound weight restriction. If you are not already a nurse, you may not be able to get into nursing school with that restriction as the job requires heavy lifting.

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