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Physical concerns for L&D nursing

I posted a question a few days ago about becoming a nurse and how did you know you should pursue it. I thank those of you who responded!

I have another question about the amount of physical work involved with L&D nursing, either as an RN or as an OB tech/PCT/CNA. I am almost 40, not in bad physical shape, but I do seem to have a 'sensitive' lower back that seems to get strained/stiff easily. For example a couple of months ago I picked up my 6-yr old son (about 60 lbs) and I must not have done it correctly because my lower back was stiff and sore for about a week after. Then a couple weeks ago, I was just bending over a bed to pick up some folded laundry and my lower back felt like something snapped like a rubber band. That time it was sore for about 4 days. I'm sure if I did exercises aimed at strengthening my lower back, it would help. . . but in my research and soul-searching about whether to go for nursing or not (or even to go for CNA/OB tech first), it is a concern of mine about whether it would be wise for me to go into a field that is physically demanding. Pg women are not lightweight I know! (I certainly wasn't!) I imagine that you have to help them turn in bed sometimes or get out of bed, what other things does an L&D nurse or tech do that might not be good for someone with a sensitive lower back?



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For the most part, the lifting and lower back strain isnt from the patients. Most pregnant women are mobile. It's setting up the room for delivery and breaking the bed that it physically demanding for me. Also, when I push someone (and sometimes that can take several hours) I feel the strain of reaching. I like to sit on the end of the bed or stand back and let the family help hold legs or tug of war with a sheet. There is alot of and picking up and cleaning up involved. I hate the way our Hill-Rom beds disassemble. I'm only 4'11" so reaching the overhead lights or stuff on shelves requires either a ladder or assistance from someone taller. Forget trying to reach suction or O2 above the head of the bed! I've actually crawled up on the bed in an emergency! :uhoh3: I think being an L & D nurse is physically demanding! I'm not that much younger than you are and still manange! :chuckle Take care and good luck!

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