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Does anyone have experience with phone interview with Denver Health. I know it's a good teaching hospital and would love to work there. What kind of question do they ask? I was told by the recruiter they probably would ask me about customer service questions, like if you have a difficult patient in certain situation what would you do. Share your experience.

Hi! Congrats on the interview. I currently work there (non-clinical), but interviewed over three years ago. They use a system called Talent Plus and do ask questions like the recruiter mentioned. I can't remember everything, but have examples of how you overcame a difficult situation, supervisor, co-worker. Achievements you are proud of. How you made a system more efficient, etc. DH is all about being LEAN. Stay on top of the recruiter after you do the phone interview. Sometimes they don't realize it has been completed and if you "passed" they forward your info on to the hiring manager for an interview. I really enjoy working there, so good luck!

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Do I have to give them only healthcare related examples? I have worked in a hospital as a researcher before, but never patient care. I also worked in non-profit volunteer coordinator position. I am not sure if those experience would be enough to convince them that I am good at what I do (just got my CNA certification last week).

I wouldn't think you have to use hospital examples, but I didn't interview for a nursing position. I would use any solid example to show that you can solve problems on your own (without having to go to a supervisor), overcoming challenges, improving any kind of system, etc.

When hangout interview? Maybe someone who was hired in a clinical position more recently will chime in. I don't work until Tuesday, so of you haven't interviewed yet, I can look on our internal site and see what it says. I know there is TalentPlus info on there.

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Stupid phone :)

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Thanks. I had the interview on Monday. I was asked 70 questions in 45 minutes. Pretty intense. I think I did an alright job. I really hope I get the job.

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WOO HOO!!!! that's awesome you got an interview there. First of all just breath and relax. They will probably ask you the usual questions on, tell me about yourself, why did you choose nursing, give you some scenario questions depending on where you are going to get a job at. also, know information about the hospital, just in case they ask you about the hospital.

do you remember any of the questions?

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The nurse manager just called back and set up an interview for Thursday. It's at a woman health unit. If I pass this interview I will definitely get the job. Any tips?

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